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About Us

The Friends of the Dallas Center Pool (FDCP) is an organization born out of necessity and comprised of future-focused, action-oriented members of the community. As a 501c3 organization following the Iowa principles and practices for charitable nonprofit excellence guidelines, the FDCP shares a common vision and goals centered on building and sustaining a new community pool for the residents of Dallas Center and surrounding areas. 

Our Mission

To lead and provide oversight for the efforts of generating awareness, gaining support and managing contributor’s funds to build a new community swimming pool in Dallas Center.

Our Values

Collaboration, Integrity, and Transparency in the pursuit of sustainable community assets.

Why Now? What is Next?

Since opening in 1982, our current swimming pool has served our community for nearly 40 years. However, the existing facilities have outlived their useful life expectancy. With ever-increasing maintenance and repair costs combined with changing safety and code standards, the time has come to act. 


After exploring several options it was determined that the current structure was no longer a long-term option and the resources required to rehab the facility would not justify the improvement. With that in mind, the FDCP has commissioned an award-winning aquatic engineering firm to design plans for a sustainable, modern community pool that will serve our proud community for the next 40 years.  


Through the generosity and involvement of the community members like you, we can guarantee a first-class recreational asset that will serve generations and act as a vibrant centerpiece for our community. 

What will be Possible with Your Donations?
Dallas Center Pool Layout
  1.           Shallow Play Area

  2.           Zero-Depth Entry

  3.           Spray Zone

  4.           Toddler Slide

  5.           Water Bench with Sunshade

  6.           Dumping Bucket Play Structure

  7.           Underwater Bench

  8.           ADA Pool Steps

  9.           Learner’s Platform

  10.           Shallow Lounge Area

  11.           5 Lane 25 Yard Lap Lanes

  12.           Basketball Goal

  13.           Plunge Area

  14.           Short Family Slide

  15.           Tall Family Slide

  16.           Diving Area

  17.           Drop Slide

  18.           1 Meter Diving Stand

  19.           Concession Tables under Sunshade

  20.           Post and Rope Barrier

  21.           Sunshade

  22.           New Bath House

  23.           Pool Heating & Filter System

  24.           Exterior Concession Stand

  25.           Exterior Public Restroom

  26.           Donor Paver Area

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Our Board of Directors

President: Amy Lawton      Vice President: Jason Harris      Treasurer: Lisa Howell      Secretary: Dusty Rauschenberg

Directors: Shellie Flockhart  


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(515) 992 - 3728

P.O. Box 250

Dallas Center, IA 50063

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